Sabai Consulting Services

The Sabai Consulting team helps organizations navigate the safety and compliance challenges inherent to biological research and the bench-to-bedside pathway, providing customized, time-saving solutions so your team can focus on more strategic aspects of your mission.

Consulting Services

We understand how regulation, reality and human behavior should intertwine to produce a comprehensive, and effective, biosafety program.

With over 35 years of combined experience in academia, clinical, and industry biosafety, and extensive bench research experience prior to our roles as biosafety professionals, our team of Subject Matter Experts is uniquely capable of helping you keep your employees safe and your programs compliant.

And with 3 ABSA Registered Biosafety Professionals on the Sabai Consulting team and an additional 12 credentialed biosafety professionals in our IBC division, Sabai Consulting offers a higher level of expertise than can be found in any other single organization.

Other services include: Safety and compliance documentation review and preparation, personalized training, OSHA program assessment, biological risk assessments and SDS forms, ethical and compliance consulting, second-opinion “gut checks” and SME ad hoc services.


What Our Clients Say

"Christine was very patient with our questions and did a great job explaining and helping the site learn—[made] the process incredibly seamless and we look forward to our next project together."

Dakota Gaines CenExel

"Many thanks for your excellent service. [You’ve] been the easiest and most collaborative and communicative IRB to work with. Hoping to cross paths again!"

Gina Gorgone Simone Sr. Project Leader, Emmes

"The best vendor I have ever worked with."

Associate Director of Clinical Operations Merck

"We love you guys."

Research Safety Associate Director over Biosafety University of California-San Diego

"Accelerated our timelines and beat our projections for our sponsor, with the added complexity of IBC on top of IRB regulatory."

Study Start-Up Director MedPace CRO

"Every time I interact with your team I walk away with a smile. For Shield, Heidi has been my lifesaver: pragmatic, understanding, and action-oriented. I have come to her feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to tackle complex issues, and within the span of a single call she develops a plan and I am able to walk away with 1000 pounds lifted off my shoulder."

BSO Pharmaceutical Company