With the explosion and a pipeline set for decades to come, we understand time is essential for gene and cell therapy drug development where IBC and IRB review is required. That is where CBS and Castle IRB enter. With our industry standard white glove service, we reduce the bureaucracy for sponsors, offer unparalleled communication through study start-up, and simplify the process.

Where you have sites who need an IBC, or established acamedic medical centers, our IBC Risk assessment services (inter-site link here) and Concierge Submission Support (inter-site link here) will impact the entirety of your trial, reducing the study start-up, and accelerate the goal of opening and enrolling patients, sooner.

Gene and Cell Therapy Sponsors, our people are virologists, geneticists, clinicians, pharmacists, biosafety professionals. We get you. Now, let us help you.

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Mission Statement

SABAI Global's Mission is to be considered a "World Renowned Thought Leader" in the IBC and IRB space, facilitating positive change in medicine and in the lives of many people; and maintaining the status of an "Employer of Choice" by demonstrating daily, the value we place on our employees, consultants and partners.